We provide you with a set of high-quality, easy to understand, tools, courses, and training material. Simply put, we’re the team to help you achieve your goals – Whether you’re the type of person to jump straight in, or the type to sit back, and perfect your knowledge until you’re wise.


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Take the first step towards living free today!

Our 1-1 sessions are like nothing else. We build a tailor made plan just for you and to follow step by step. We provide you with round the clock support when ever you need it. Here at Freedom traders, we pride ourselves in teaching our students the best strategies needed for succeeding in Forex trading independently.

Freedom Traders don’t just teach you Forex, but our main and 1st goal is to get you mentally ready for this industry. We believe anyone can trade, however for you to trade long term and be profitable we offer you nothing but the best.

What 1-1 service has to offer?

  • Choose whatever market you want to learn (including gold)
  • Course is flexible to you and you can choose time and date for the session.
  • Unlimited amount of 1-1 calls at anytime
  • Trade checker (checking the trades you’re going to take or have taken)
  • Access to our new members lounge (coming soon)
  • Our own analysis for you to trade off in you early stages

What happens once i book?
 Once payment has been completed we will contact you and ask questions to build your tailored made plan.

1) Arrange the class date/time when you’d like.
2) What experience you already have in forex.
3) What subjects are you interested in.
4) How much will you begin trading with.

Once everything is completed and we have a better understanding about you we will build your plan and provide it to you on class date.


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